Luxx Elite Membership

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You are choosing the Luxx Elite Membership option. You must first be approved and a paid current Luxx Standard Member with a past event purchased before becoming an Elite Member.  By becoming an Luxx Elite Member, you’ll enjoy various priorities and areas within our events. As a Luxx Elite Member, you will have exclusive first access to all Luxx Parties’ tickets, room types, cabana’s etc 5 days before any other member type. In order to be a Luxx Elite Member, you must be a current or past event ticket holder and a current Luxx Standard member in good standing with Luxx Parties.

Both Memberships must be renewed every year or you will lose your Luxx Elite Membership status. There are only 200 Luxx Elite spots available throughout the year. Once all the spots are gone; they are gone. Spots can only be added once someone drops their Elite status or fails to make payment or in not in good standing with Luxx Parties.